A Paper-less office

Hand-signatures are the last hurdle in a digital work flow. Organizations seek ways to reduce operational costs related to paper handling. Important way to accomplish this is by introducing enterprise wide content management system (ECM). However, people find themselves printing paper for hand signatures, organizations find their content management systems do not enable them to remain paperless. They must revert to printing out paper documents that must be hand signed, scanned, archived, and routed (by postal mail or courier).

If an enterprise-wide digital signature solution is introduced, it can automate approval and authorization processes by allowing the organization to maintain a completely electronic work flow. Documents are never required to be printed as they are not required to be hand signed. Instead, documents are digitally signed in the electronic format. Afterwards, these documents can be emailed, while in a traditional work-flow documents are physically routed through postal mail or courier.

Hence, in a paper-less office documents are not required to be printed out for approvals or hand signatures. Instead, these are digitally signed. A paper-less office can be achieved by introducing an enterprise-wide digital signature solution. This concept can be extended to communications outside the office as well. In this way considerable amount of operational costs can also be cut. Tecxoft products can help an organization achieve this goal, for details please click here.